ATM Scams - Thieves use skimming devices to electronics to steal your information.

Charity Scams - Fake charity schemes take advantage of peoples generosity and urge to help others.

Data Entry Scams - Online offers of great wages for data entry may be a scam.

Email Job Scams - Unsolicited emails offering jobs that may be to good to be true.

Emergency Scams - Also known as the Grandparent Scam since con-artists tend to target seniors.

Employment Scams - Scammers offer opportunities that are fake in order to get money or for identity theft.

i-Tunes Gift Card Scam - Thieves get victims to buy gift cards and provide the serial numbers to them.

Money Transfer Scams - Another "job opportunity" where your money or your identity can be stolen.

Mobile Phone Scams - Using text messages and missed calls, scammers can steal money from unsuspecting users.

Phishing - Thieves use emails to get you to provide usernames, passwords and personal information.

Pyramid Schemes Ponzi Schemes - People invest in good faith when there is actually no chance of getting your money back.

Rental Scams - People rent property that doesn't belong to the person renting it.

Sweepstakes Scams - You Won !!! - Until you pay fake fees or give your banking information to the scammer.

Tax Scams - People are threatened to pay money, gift cards etc. or face jail time due to fake taxes being owed.

InvisTrans Blockchain Finance Scam - Emails soliciting people to work for a money transfer business.

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